A little bit about me

largeIf you’ve somehow stumbled across this blog, you probably won’t think too much of it. To be honest, neither do I right now. I’ll be honest, I’m not aiming to be this new and upcoming amazing blogger or anything like that. My reason for creating this blog is because it gives me a voice to express myself (cliche I know but it’s true). I’m a very introverted person in real life and I don’t have anyone who will listen to my ramblings or appreciate my randomness. So I’m hoping someone out there in the blogosphere of WordPress will. And hey, if it ends up being a quite a few people who will, well that’ll be great. So here goes..

To give you a few facts (before you embark on reading the words of a complete stranger)

  • I am 22 years old. I graduated uni last summer having done an English degree and now I answer phones for an exam board. Basically, teachers call me up because they’re too lazy to read basic materials and I answer their questions. It’s not a great job but it pays the bills.
  • When I say I am introverted, I really mean it. Usually I barely speak, if I speak at all that is. I’m known as the quiet one in my team at work, a stark contrast to my loud boisterous and sometimes borderline inappropriate colleagues. I avoid anything other than essential communication and I’m not one for socialising.
  • If you’re still reading after that confession, I’m guess you’re either crazy or curious about me. I’m so quiet for two reasons. The first is that I am very self conscious and I’m about 75% sure I have some form of social anxiety. Talking to people makes me nervous, stressed and over analytical about everything I say and do. The second reason is because I’ve never met or known someone that I can fully be myself around. Someone that ‘gets’ me. Which is why (here comes big confession number two) I have no friends.
  • This has not happened because I’ve pushed them away but because everyone I’ve ever known in real life is very normal and conventional and well we just don’t ‘gel’ in terms of any deep or meaningful friendship. So after the circumstances or educational established which brought us together are no longer in our lives (e.g finish high school, finish uni), we go our separate ways. And by that, I mean they eventually stop speaking to me.
  • If the fantastic (!) picture of myself I’ve just painted still makes you want to ┬áread this blog, well first of all thanks. Secondly, in this blog, I’ll take about my hobbies, things I like and don’t like and most importantly, give you an insight into the life of a introverted 20 something.